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Redwood Pergola




Best Redwood offers over 50 different pergola sizes and styles for most of our client’s budget. You can choose size combinations, from 8ft x 8ft until 20ft to 30ft; we also offer custom made service, if you don't find the size or style you are looking for with us, just let us know, and as soon as possible our pergola specialist will get in touch with you to show you best options.


We also design and manufacture custom metal anchors for setting your pergola upon request. *Metal anchors sold separately*.


Redwood Pergola Features:

  • More 50 different sizes and styles
  • Deck pergola, Attached pergola, Lattice pergola & Custom pergola
  • Wood Quality B Grade and Clear all Heart
  • 4 kinds of end rafters. Posts of 6" x 6"
  • Open roof from 12” to 24”
  • Post's measure (from 8ft minimum until 12ft maximum)
  • 4 Different finishes (1905, 1910, 1910-M and NO stain)
  • Custom Made

"At Best Redwood we provide the best wood quality to guarantee our products up to 5 years"


By construction standards, rafters are built horizontally along the width and perpendicular to the length and bracing. If you need a made to measure order we are able to desing what you have in mind.



End Rafters Options

We offer four different end rafter models, however, we are open to work with any customization outline of your own, all that it takes is a simple sketch, and we can develop and improve what you have in mind.

Post Sizes

  • If pergola's combination are bigger than 10ft x 10ft or equal, post sizes will be built at 6" x 6" and roof bars at 2" x 6"
  • If pergola's combination are smaller than 10ft x 10ft, post sizes will be at 4" x 4" built, and roof bars at 2" x 4"
  • Top roof bars are always 2" x 2" sized.


Open roof

At Best Redwood we know the importance of the skin protection against the Sun UV exposure, for this reason our customers can choose the roof table's positioning of 2" x 2" with the separation that suits you better, you may also decide whether to place a screen or lath sheets.


Wood Grades Options

Clear all Heart
It's called Redwood Resistance due its support to different climates and environmental conditions.
Is the Finest architectural redwood grade. Clear all heart degree characteristics:

  • Contains only heart's wood of the tree.
  • It's free of all defects on one face.
  • The reverse face is allowed slight natural wood imperfections.

B Grade

B grade degree characteristics:

  • Quality grade.
  • Contains sapwood.
  • Limited knots.
  • And other characteristics not permitted in Clear all heart.


Stained Finish Options

Stained versions of our Transparent Premium sealant are available, for a different tone that keeps the natural wood grain showing. We offer four options:




Order Your Deck Pergola

Width x Lenght
Open Roof:
Service options:
Standard service The most common, it takes 4-5 weeks to be delivered, it's perfect for customers that have enough time to wait for their orders by regular price.
Priority service It is delivered 3-4 weeks at most. However, there is a rushing fee of 5%.
Rush order service It is delivered 2-3 weeks at most. With a rushing fee of 10%.
Special Cases If you are against the time, we can arrange a shorter delivery time, this will consider the of furniture dimensions, delivery method and distance to be collected. Ask our specialist.
Distribution Center Pick Up Without delivery cost, our distribution center is located in Otay.
$ USD/Each




Need a Attached, Lattice or Custom Pergola?


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